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Digital Marketing Solutions


 Every Connection Counts so we strive for an all encompassing marketing program driven to meet your target audience where they are as well as where they will be.

Nonprofit Fundraising Expertise

Our fundraising expertise comes from 27 years of industry experience and hundreds of millions raised utilizing the most productive and growth oriented marketing strategies.  

The Future of Marketing is OMNI-Channel…

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The Future of OMNI Channel Marketing

It’s not easy knowing where to start…  That is exactly what we will help define for your organization.  The mission and our driving force is to capitalize and make profitable each channel of marketing until we have an all-encompassing marketing plan.

Digital and Social Engagement tactics are not only proven, but are still heavily evolving. We help you navigate these tricky waters.

  • PPC Advertising                          
  • SEO
  • Web Development
  • Video Production
  • Scripting
  • Non-Profit Marketing Solutions
  • For-Profit Marketing Solutions

Pay-Per-Click Advertising

All of our Digital Marketing services consist of a hands on approach, but specifically our PPC Campaigns are designed to be more robust and engaging.

We design campaigns that suit your organizations needs, because the last thing your organization wants is a cookie cut marketing operation that inhibits results. We are results driven, and our campaigns are magnets for conversions.  Go ahead and reach out to us and we’ll help you along through your next steps. 

Fundraising & Donor Acquisition

Using prospect lists from a variety of sources; new donor acquisition is the process by which prospects turn into donors for your organization.
The lifeblood of your business, CRF contacts well over a million potential and existing donors a month for our current clients with plenty of room for new client needs. Tele-funding is the fastest way to build a donor base for your charity. Personal contact typically yields a higher response rate than direct mail alone. CRF is the premium choice for quick response fundraising due to catastrophic events or special short-term projects. Our staff is equipped to respond with training materials and scripting to have agents on the phone contacting potential donors quickly.

Website Development

Most organizations we have worked with struggle to convert their website into a powerful, revenue generating marketing tool. We can help direct your message and integrate the right design and calls to action to your online presence.

Digital Marketing

 We design campaigns that suit your organizations needs, because the last thing your organization wants is a cookie cut marketing operation that inhibits results. 

For Profit & Nonprofit Services

Digital marketing is not a matter of if anymore, it is a matter of when. It doesn’t matter if you are for-profit or nonprofit. You both need to promotion and you both need to drive towards an ROI. 

Don’t Continue Wasting Marketing Dollars, Be Intentional, Get Organized, Grow Your Company Through Proven Marketing Methods

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