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The beauty of LinkedIn lies in the professional atmosphere that sets this platform apart from its competitors. Has it been quite some time since you were last on LinkedIn? Well in the time that most people have been on Facebook, LinkedIn has become the paramount business networking site on planet earth. This is not just to show off a good resume, but rather sets a foundation for extremely high engagement and networking capabilities. It can often be a overlooked opportunity for your organization.

Here are a few reasons why Linked in is for you!


  1. Increase Your Online Presence with LinkedIn

For most organizations their LinkedIn page similarly to their Facebook page increasingly is displayed when performing a Google search. That is very good news when it comes to the SEO your organization has bene working so hard on. This is just another chance to increase those rankings and ensure your company is coming up in search results.

What to focus on in your profile?

  1. Number of Employees
  2. Year Founded
  3. Industry
  4. Specialties
  5. Organization Description

This will give people the info they need and even give you the chance for a small pitch


  1. You are reaching a different audience than your Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter!

FB, Insta, and Twitter are great for reaching the widest audiences possible. Most people now a days are on at least one of these social giants. LinkedIn sets itself apart by cultivating a much more niche, audience of business professionals. The engagement on LinkedIn is typically a little lower than on other social media platforms, but we also see these engagements typically being of higher quality.

One big perk of LinkedIn is that the audience growth is very scalable.. if someone from your network likes your company not only that person sees your posts, but also that engagement is seen by their entire audience. This is a great way to truly start reaching a wide audience. Typically on average a single like on LinkedIn could lead to hundreds of impressions.


  1. LinkedIn Helps You Support Your Employees & Find New Ones!

This is very simple, many people use LinkedIn to find jobs and if your company has a profile on LinkedIn then you can use this platform to attract talent. LinkedIn has many paid and free ways to attract future employees to your company.


  1. Ease of Use

LinkedIn requires much less maintenance than other social profiles. Your audience won’t expect you to keep them up to date quite as much, and on average it takes less than 20 minutes to create a business profile on LinkedIn.


So get out there and make sure you have a LinkedIn Profile, need help ensuring that your profile is up to date and looks great? Give us a call!

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