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A complete overview of all the
services that we offer.

Training & Quality Assurance
Training and Quality Assurance include: orientation processes for agents as well as ongoing monitoring of both live and recorded calls.

Our Training and Quality Assurance program provides agents the experience and education they need to be fully qualified to speak with your potential and existing donors. Extensive training regarding every facet of your campaign, coupled with a general knowledge regarding your charity enables our agents to optimize their effective communication with your donors. Additionally, agents are constantly monitored and evaluated to uphold and enhance your company’s already great reputation. Regulatory compliance is an integral part of our service. Reports and feedback from involved employees that are made available to our clients fuel our on-going training processes that have proved to be a very valuable part of our commitment to your charitable mission.

New Donor Acquisition
Using prospect lists from a variety of sources; new donor acquisition is the process by which prospects turn into donors for your organization.

The lifeblood of your business, CRF contacts well over a million potential and existing donors a month for our current clients with plenty of room for new client needs. Tele-funding is the fastest way to build a donor base for your charity. Personal contact typically yields a higher response rate than direct mail alone. CRF is the premium choice for quick response fundraising due to catastrophic events or special short-term projects. Our staff is equipped to respond with training materials and scripting to have agents on the phone contacting potential donors quickly.

Donor Care & Retention
The terms care and retention referring to donors is the long-term process of influencing donors towards higher levels of understanding, commitment, giving, and encouraging donors to remain active and continuing supporters of an organization.

Once a donor commits to your organization it is important to nurture that commitment. Since donor acquisition is one of the largest expenses in any charitable endeavor, special care needs to be given to make sure those donors become loyal to your organization. We deepen donor loyalty with tailored scripting and contact schedules. Donors provide a continual source of income for your organization, and only our most highly qualified team members handle your most valuable donors.

Lapsed Donor Care
Lapsed Donors are those who have not renewed their commitment recently and have been deactivated from a charity’s active donor list.

Donors stop giving for a variety of reasons. Reactivating these donors can be a very profitable component of your organization’s fundraising strategy. We have specialized teams trained in renewing these lapsed donors. We use carefully crafted scripting to bring these donors back to your organization and our team is trained in the unique skills relating to these conversations.

Volunteer Recruitment & Gifts-In-Kind
Volunteers are vital to any charitable mission. Gifts-in-kind are non-financial donations of material goods that can be converted to financial donations or used as-is.

Often volunteers can accelerate the success of your charity’s mission. Over time, volunteers typically become the most loyal donors for your charity. Our company can gather a variety of information to help coordinate volunteer recruitment and/or gifts-in-kind.


The complete procedure of sending out and tracking materials and information.

Using our fulfillment services saves your organization time and money. Our fulfillment services are seamless and automated for next business day service. Our relationships with paper vendors and print shops allow us to pass on the savings to our clients. In-house fulfillment can assure materials are sent the day after donors are contacted. Faster fulfillment increases return rate. We also have an automated information capture process to assist in tracking and reporting that works in conjunction with our banking and caging services.

Direct Mail

Direct mail is an appeal sent to prospective donors or volunteers to inform or garner support. Our design team can put together a direct mail campaign for your company that complements your other fundraising efforts. Our relationships with suppliers mean we can pass on bulk rates to our clients. Data from the Direct Marketing Association clearly shows an overall increase in response when combining a direct mail campaign with a telephone campaign.

Design Services

Design Services typically involve graphic design, copy writing and scripting. Most employees wear many hats. Increase your chances of success by concentrating on your charitable mission and leave the design details to us. We can help you design every facet of your fundraising campaign; from brochures, mail pieces, and scripting, to assistance with website design. We work to integrate the look and feel of all corporate materials. Outbound telephone campaigns, Interactive Voice Response (IVR) protocols, intelligent call routing, quality assurance and properly trained agents works seamlessly with design services to provide your charity with the peace of mind that comes from knowing that professionals are handling your fundraising.

Inbound Outbound Campaigns

Customers call a number provided from your advertising, website or direct mail campaigns to indicate interest in giving or ask questions. Our centers are equipped with inbound capability as well as Interactive Voice Response (IVR) routers to provide customer service and information to customers calling about your charity. We can respond to email requests for information as well. It just makes sense to have the same expert agents specially trained on outbound calls for your charity to handle inbound calls as well.

Data Management & Storage

Your donor database is your business in the most direct sense of the word. We have an expert IT staff in house to help our clients manage their data as effectively as possible. We help you avoid pitfalls and expand the marketing possibilities using data collection methods. Daily, weekly and monthly maintenance keeps your data up to date and fresh, which always yields better results. Data storage need not be a concern. We have secure Data servers and off site data storage to protect and guard against any loss of donor information. You can feel comfortable knowing that the investments you have made in establishing a donor base are safe and secure.

Banking & Caging Services

The process of recording gift amount, date of gift, donor name and other data from a direct mail or telephone fundraising campaign. The term “Caging” is taken from the 19th Century post office practice of placing sorted mail into small wire enclosures, called cages. Your accounting is handled and our highly trained fulfillment center staff opens all mail pieces individually. Data is tracked and checks or money orders processed the same day as receipt. We can establish accounts and handle all aspects of deposit and accounting. Credit card payments are handled by state of the art 128-bit encryption, which is the industry standard.

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