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Jesus Fed 5000 with 2 fish and 5 loafs of bread, what we do is no comparison to his miracle, but we do connect your church with 5000+ new visitors each month through digital outreach

Distribute His Message To The Masses

Distribute God’s message to the world more efficiently and effectively! Imagine the reach your church can achieve with a $10,000 a month Grant from Google AdWords (The largest paid search marketing tool in the world). The more frequently your messages appear, the more awareness is spread, which can translate into increased membership, first time visitors, live church viewership, and so much more!

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How It Works

Messaging or Ads are presented to people when they are actively searching, once they click your message users are taken to your website where they can learn more and reach out to your church. 

The message hasn’t changed since Jesus walked the earth, we are just putting this message into the channel that is readily available to the masses.

Our church partners average 7000+ new web visitors each month


Why Digital Outreach?

All across the world there are users searching for the answers to life’s most difficult questions. We know we found those answers at church, so we believe these people should get the same opportunity. Whether you are a local church looking to break into an online space, or an established church with an excellent digital presence, your reach can and should be extended. We truly believe digital outreach is the quickest way to spread God’s word to the masses

Re-engage The Audience

Here is where it gets even more powerful. We will be driving thousands of people to your church’s website each month and many of these people will instantly reach out, schedule a visit, join an email list, or simply ask a few questions. There are also those who will not take action, you know the friend or family member we have been trying to get to church week after week…

Well good news, we can reach them again! By collecting digital identifiers we put church messaging back in front of them urging them to come to church, telling them about a specific sermon, or simply a message of hope. They can see this on other websites, future Google searches, and even across social media!

Churches all over the country are starting their online outreach, and when fueled by this program have seen incredible results! Ask us about our success stories!

Next Steps

The best part about our next steps is we take care of the whole process, we believe in order to spread the Gospel as quickly and effectively as possible, we have to make it as easy as possible.

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